My Angels, the story of the GOOD network

Across cultures there is a universal embodiment of our spiritual lives: the angels. Whether Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, Jewish or even for those whose faith does not fit into any organized religion, angels carry a special meaning.

But where can we find these angels in the modern world?

I’ve made it my mission to create a space where all people across the world can find and share precious moments that go beyond the rush and struggle of everyday life.

What does your guardian angel look like?

Here’s how I got here.

It all started with a belief in the importance, the essential necessity, of equality for all people everywhere. I do believe in equality in all its forms but I believe that the starting point is spiritual equality. This transcends race, gender, religion, nationality and any other markers that we impose on ourselves or others. You cannot separate a person from soul and spirit; and you cannot create social equality without first having spiritual equality.

Angels are the perfect expression of this intention. At any moment people around the world, all in common, might be hearing a song, seeing an image or watching a movie featuring the concept of Angels. Even more will feel the presence of something, whether or not they can identify what it is, at a moment of intense meaning in their lives — they may be taking an exam; attending a birth; mourning at a funeral or simply appreciating the stunning beauty of the world around them.

I’ve been there. In fact there are moments in every day when I notice that presence. Sometimes it is protecting, like a shield around my body; sometimes it is encouraging; sometimes consoling; and sometimes just sharing a second in time together.

helps us to identify and visualize the presence of angels in the online world where we all spend so much of our lives. It isn’t just a social network like any other, to rant or praise or question or critique. That’s why I call it The GOOD Network.

It’s a place of safety, a sanctuary, an island of peace in the manic data stream that is the internet. But it’s also much more than that: a place where contemplation can be shared, when inspiration can be found, hope sought and consolation given.

Inside you can see a 3D representation of your own guardian angel moving, flying and interacting. You can seek his or her help directly in your daily life on both the spiritual and material level. Unlike on other social media, where you can often feel alone, on My Angels you always have a companion who will support you and share your messages across the network.

My Angels is not aiming to become a new social media, jostling and competing with other platforms where you can send messages and post pictures. Instead it wants to take up a new space and help its users find deeper meaning in their lives, whatever their social position or beliefs.

Because I know how valuable time is to everyone, MyAngels makes a precious use of time, making each moment more valuable. It’s simple to use, even for those uncomfortable with technology.

Recent polling suggests that . In fact globally, trust in angels, however each person chooses to define them, is rising.

MyAngels is a means by which family and friends can support someone experiencing a life event. It is a place where a church, temple, synagogue or mosque can maintain close connections with its congregants. It is the ideal platform for organizations delivering benefits to society like those associated with first responders or veterans or those within those communities to organize, raise funds, or reach outside of their core membership.

MyAngels provides the place for users young and old to love one another, encourage one another, motivate, support and honour one another. Bring your angel into the family, join up with My Angels.

Founder, My Angels